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Tip: *Early models of garage door openers could be opened with remotes in the hands of burglars patrolling the streets. Newer openers have codes that are much harder to us for more information.

Garage door remote

If you've lost or broken a remote, it is very easy to find a replacement. Contact us asap and we'll help you

Garage door remote controls are handy and ubiquitous, Conveniently, a garage door remote allows you to open or close the door without having to get out of your car. It’s really the pits when you pull up to the garage door at your home and it refuses to open.

we sell and programming all the remote garage door 



Programming Remote Control

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How Your Automatic Garage Door Works with the remote?

  Your radio controlled automatic garage door can be opened or closed by pressing either the button fitted on the garage wall or your radio transmitter which is hand-held. The transmitter will work at a range of approximately 100ft (even from inside your house out of sight of the garage door) and has the latest rolling code security. Extra transmitters can be purchased, and extra wall buttons can be fitted in the garage or the other side of the wall.

Pressing the button or transmitter when the door is closed will cause it to open fully in approximately 12 seconds and stop. A further press will make it close and positively lock. If the door should meet an obstruction during closing - e.g. a car bonnet - or if the button is pressed again, the door will automatically reverse and go back to the open position.