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Horizontal Track Repair

Vertical Track Repair

 The horizontal track that has the curved part and runs along with the ceiling of the garage. If the track is only slightly out of shape it can be bent back into shape but you will most likely need to replace the wall brackets to keep track in its proper position.

The vertical track that runs up the wall on either side of the door.seen in many commercial and industrial applications, consist of a track which rises vertically as with the standard lift, but include an additional vertical track pitched increasingly away from the interior wall, This extra space allows for the spring assembly. High lift brackets span the widening distance, at points on the extension.

Do u need Garage door track repair? When a track has been damaged it will often damage or bend the brackets that attach the track to the wall. the tracks are located inside a garage on either side of the door garage and must be properly aligned to guide the rollers and the door into place. An unbalanced garage door can bend, dent, or damaged the tracks. The door rollers depend on the garage door tracks. As time passes, vertical door tracks of the garage door bend, corrode, or fall because it is exposed to moisture. 

Garage Door Track Repair

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