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Pressure sensors are usually installed on the very bottom edge of a garage door, and will stop and reverse the door’s downward closing motion when it comes in direct contact with an was not always that reliable because when garage door openers got older this system could wear out 

Pressure Sensors

Garage door sensors are safety devices that prevent the door from closing on people, pets, or other objects in the doorway.

​These sensors can detect objects that are still, as well as others that may suddenly enter and obstruct the path of the beams.

Safety Sensors

Tip: Remove any obstacles blocking the beam between the sensors and keep the area clean from papers, boxes, bikes,trash bag or anything else can accidentally interrupt the beam and stop the garage door from closing.

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Garage Door Sensor

In 1991, the Consumer Product Safety Commission began requiring all residential garage door opener manufacturers to meet the entrapment protection provisions of the Underwriter’s Laboratories voluntary standards for garage door openers, making those standards mandatory. These standards require all openers to be equipped with invisible beam safety sensors that keep a garage door from closing when a child interrupts the beam. The garage door sensor consists of electric eyes mounted on the door track, six inches above the floor. If anything blocks the path of the electric eye, the door will stop and reverse. The opener will not work if the sensors are not working or are out of alignment.

properly installed garage door sensors help prevent injuries.

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