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1) Worn Garage Door Springs can break and result in the garage door falling down on your car or worse, injury to an individual.

After several years of use, the springs on your garage door could stop working and cause the door to fail if not lubricated and maintained properly. The garage door springs are the mechanism that pulls up garage door. Worn springs can cause your garage door to suddenly, resulting in serious damage or injury. 


You rely on your garage to provide a safe and secure entry to your home, to secure and protect your car, and to securely store your yard equipment and tools. The average homeowner probably raises and lowers the garage door 6 times or more per day.  When the garage door starts making funny noises or slows down in the opening or closing, it might be a sign that a garage door tune up is due.

You maintain all the appliances in your home such as your heating and cooling system, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer so they continue to operate efficiently. You also maintain your car so it runs properly. It is just as important to maintain your garage door so that it opens and closes smoothly and safely.
Most homeowners are not aware of these 4 hidden dangers of a poorly maintained garage door.

2) Loose Garage Door hardware can cause the door to come unhinged and crash causing extensive damage.

    Garage door systems consist of many different parts and hardware. Without regular inspection, replacement of worn parts       and lubrication of moving parts, the garage door will eventually refuse to go up and crash to the ground. The result could be     extensive damage to your car or garage contents as well as the huge expense or replacing the garage door. 

3) When your Garage door does not close properly or only closes partially, your home becomes vulnerable to theft and extreme weather. 

Most homeowners lock up valuable assets in their garage such as their car, lawnmower, tools, etc. If you cannot close your garage door, all of those assets are left out in the open for anyone to steal. Your garage door also acts as insulation against extreme weather conditions for your home. If you cannot close your garage door, that insulation is not working and your heating and cooling costs will likely increase.

4) A sagging or misaligned Garage door can result in damage, injury and expensive repairs.

   Just like a car that runs on unbalanced tires, a garage door that is not correctly aligned will cause more weight to be placed    on one spring then is prudent, which can result in the spring breaking. It will also strain the garage door motor and                    eventually cause it to fail. Sagging or misaligned garage doors are dangerous and, if left unattended to, can result in                expensive repairs or replacement of the garage door.

  Getting a tune-up on your garage door by an experienced, local garage door professional will prolong the life of the garage door and its hardware, prevent injury and damage to valuables, and ensure that your garage door functions safely and efficiently. 

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