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A garage door with a faulty motor will prove quite frustrating.  The cause of the motor problem might not be clear.  However, if you do the smart thing by reaching out to our garage door repair service for timely assistance, we will pinpoint the problem, implement the appropriate fix and get your garage door back in working order sooner rather than later.  Let's take a look at the most common problems with garage doors that can result from issues with the motor.


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Is Your Garage Door not Working?  The Problem Might be the Motor

The Wall Switch no Longer Functions

The Remote Does not Work

The Motor Continues Running After the Door Closes

Garage door openers that rely on keypads have the potential to malfunction in a variety of ways.  If the keypad no longer works, you might not be within the range necessary for the opener to function.  It is also possible the garage door motor's antenna is not in the proper position.  The keypad might need to be reprogrammed or the batteries might need to be replaced.

Garage door motors should stop operating after the door has closed.  If your garage door motor continues to run, it will create issues for the system.  Thankfully, this problem is fairly uncommon.  Contact us and we will inspect the up-limit switch, the motor and other components.  If the up-limit switch is not the proper distance from the garage door motor, the door will not be able to close properly.  If the door fails to close as it should, the motor will not know that it should stop running. 


The Garage Door is not Opening all the Way

The Keypad Does not Function

If your garage door does not open as far as it should, the motor unit and limit switch for opening the door might be too far from one another.  There is the potential for this problem to block the connection between these two essential garage door components, making it difficult for the door to respond to the signal that prompts it to open.  

If there is an issue with the wall switch, there is likely a problem with the overarching power supply.  Take a look at the fuses/breaker to determine if any have tripped or burnt out.  However, there is a chance the power within the opener's motor has burnt out.  If this is the case, the motor will have to be either replaced or repaired.

Contact Our Garage Door Repair Service Today. Our garage door repair team is here to assess your garage door, determine the best course of action and get it back in working order as soon as possible.  Give us a call today so we can determine whether you need a new motor for your garage door or if a repair will suffice.

It is possible your garage door motor does not work due to a problem with the antenna on the motor.  The antenna should hang down to a level that permits the signal to reach it without interference.  However, it is also possible the remote simply needs new batteries or that there might be another problem.  Instead of troubleshooting the malfunctioning remote on your own, reach out to our garage door repair specialists for assistance.