Reasons Why A Remote Control isn’t Working 

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You pull into your driveway after a stressful workday. With your only thought being that of getting in your house, and relaxing, you press your garage door remote control. Nothing happens. You press the remote control several more times.  Still nothing.
The garage door remote control is one of the most often used items in most households.  You may use it multiple times per day, and when it fails to work can be a major inconvenience.  Exactly what would cause your remote control to stop working?  There are several reasons why this may happen, and we have listed them below.  

  1.  The simplest and least thought of reason is that the remote control's batteries are dead.  Replacing the batteries will tell you if the remote control itself is malfunctioning, or if the problem may exist in the opener itself.  
  2. If for some reason your garage door opener is not receiving adequate electrical power, whether it be because of an interruption in the electrical supply, or a faulty wire of some sort, your remote control will not work.
  3. When a garage door opener is installed, the installer will make an adjustment in the remote controls sensitivity.  This is to assure that the signal that the remote control sends to your opener is strong enough to be received.  If for some reason this sensitively drops, the signal may be too weak, and the remote control will fail to activate the garage door opening mechanism.
  4. In some instances, a cable becomes loose or dislodged.  When this happens, the opener may not properly receive the remote-control signal to activate it.
  5. The limit settings on your garage door opener tell the mechanism when to stop running.  For instance, if it is lifting the garage door, and runs too long, it could jam or even damage the opener.  The limit settings help to manage this.  If for some reason those settings need to be adjusted, or are off, the remote control may not be able to signal the door to open correctly.
  6. The torsion springs are connected to the door itself and set on either side of the door rails.  They are what the motor uses to lift and lower the garage door.  If these springs are damaged, or broken, then they will fail to life the door when the remote control is activated.
  7.  The door itself may not be sitting in the rails properly and may be dislodged enough to prevent the opener from being able to lift the door. Usually this is easy to troubleshoot, as they will make a loud screeching or banging noise if the opener is able to lift them.
  8. Another simple, but seldom thought of problem is that the door itself is manually locked.  This will most definitely prevent the opener from being able to list the door, even if the remote control is used.  

The best thing to do is to have an expert come out and have a look at the problem.  In some of the above cases, irreparable damage could be done to the opening mechanism itself, and that can cause a whole other host of inconveniences down the road.